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Paradise Square

by Patrick Rose

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I’ve lived in Sheffield for all of my life But now I’ve been sent off through pain and strife I’ll tell you my story if you pull up a chair And I’ll sing of Paradise Square I worked in the steelhouse to try and cover my needs For I had a wife and 3 children to feed So we stood up together to ask for our share And went to Paradise Square And we stood there, three hundred strong A union of steel men, together for so long To ask for what’s even, and ask for what’s fair Down at Paradise Square The merchants and bankers saw us three hundred men Feared for their lives, thought we wanted them dead The last lot who came had got them all scared Down at Paradise Square They called up the law, but they couldn’t come Over at Woodhouse, there’s things to be done But that’s all finished, we’ll come over there To quell those at Paradise Square While we stood there, drawing short straws We had no idea we were breaking the law We came for the chance to get our fair share As we stood at Paradise Square The watch took too long and the army was called There’s riots in Hillsbourough the bankers were told But once that’s all over we’ll come over there And save you from Paradise Square Time ticked on, and they called the cavalry And all arrived in their fine reverie And police and army converged on us there And we ran from Paradise Square So we ran down that tight alleyway Of the three hundred men, a tenth survived that day Put before the judge, put before the mayor And sent down for Paradise Square So I left fair Sheffield for Canadee-i-o And my wife and my kids to the poorhouse they’ll go But the merchants and bankers, do you think that they’ll care? Just ask those at Paradise Square
Lord Randall 03:17
Oh where have you been? Randell my son Oh where have you been? My sweet pretty one? I have been to my sweethearts Mother make my bed soon For I'm sick to my heart And fain would lie down Oh what did she give you? She gave me some eels Oh what colour were there? They were spickled and speckled Oh they were strong poison You'll die, you'll die Oh what'll you leave your mother? My gold and my jewels Oh what'll you leave your father? My land and my houses Oh what'll you leave your lover? A rope, for to hang her
Icarus 04:05
I never wanted to fly higher I was too fond of walking So when you said you'd touch the sky I thought it was your way of talking And then you said you'd build some wings You'd found out how it could be done But I was doubtful of everything I never thought you'd reach the sun And you were so clever with your hands I'd watch you for hours With the paint and the rubber band The feathers and the lace and flower And the finish wings they glowed so bright Like some bird of glory I began to envy you your flight Like some old hero's story You tried to get me to go with you You tried all ways to dare me But I looked at the sky so blue I thought the heights would scare me But I carried your wings for you Up the path and to the cliffface Kissed you goodbye and watched your eyes Already bright with sunlight And it was so grand at the start To watch you soaring higher There was a pain deep in my heart Your wings seemed tipped with fire Like some eagle or a lark Soaring forever Like some ember or a spark Rising from earth to heaven Then I believed all that you said I believed all that you told me You'd do a think no man had ever done You'd touch the stars to please me And then I saw your white wings fail I saw your feathers faulter And watched you drop like a ball of gold Into the wide green water Some are born to fly higher Some are born to follow Some are born to touch the sky While some walk deep in the hollow And as I watched your body fall I knew really you had won For your grave was not the earth But a reflection of the sun
Deep blue sea Willie Deep blue sea Deep blue sea Willie Deep blue sea Deep blue sea Willie Deep blue sea It was Willie that drowned In the deep blue sea Dig his grave with a silver spade.. Lower him down on a golden chain... Golden sun bring him back to me... Deep blue sea Willie, deep blue sea...
My brother was a miner His name was Charlie Dave He spent his whole young life laughing And digging out his grave When Charlie David was sixteen He learnt to chew and spit And he went one day with grandpa And went to work in the pit Chr For Charlie David, he was big And Charlie Dave was strong And Charlie Dave was two feet wide And over six feet long When Charlie David was sixteen He met his Maggie June On day shift weeks they met at eight On backshift weeks at noon When Charlie David was sixteen He said to June “Let's wed” Maggie June was so surprised She fell right out of bed Chr When Charlie David was sixteen June had a little boy Maggie June was not surprised And Charlie jumped for joy Chr When Charlie David was sixteen The roof fell on his head His laughing face was filled with clay Now Charlie Dave is dead
A girl in Salvation is crying As torment is leaving her soul But as the blows fall and God’s word is called The devil still resides within Her mouth feels drier and drier Her stomach cries out for release But still the pain comes, nothing will be done Or hell would take us with it’s grin Chr: You never stuck up for your own flesh and blood You never protected your child You never defended that sweet little girl For devotion had blinded your eye The crimes of a innocent child Causing hell to reside within The question god’s will, and for that she will Need saving from his condemnation But no matter how hard we tell her No matter we try She still won’t give in, she still speaks in sin The devil is her own reflection Chr But he is a tricksome young devil He’ll not leave her of his own will We must intervene, or we would be seen With a devil who is only seven We’ll take her down into the cellar We’ll fervently pray for release The blemish and rot, it’ll all be forgot When her soul is clean fit for heaven Chr The devil cannot stand birchwood He must leave her soon they all said She gibbers and talks, so soon he will walk So she can be fully forgiven He fights to remain in her body He refuses to give in Her words become wild, but this evil child Knows it is by God we are driven Chr This devil is still here within her The measures must be increased Iron he can’t stand, it’s not of his land He can’t remain here much longer Her voice seems weaker and weaker The devil, he can’t stand it too She cries one last time, and pays for their crime And he is no longer part of her Chr So Sophie resides in Salvation While deacons and matrons live on And God’s will is done, the school is still run By the word of the almighty’s son So beware of the fire and brimstone That leads your life straight into hell But in the abyss, make sure you don’t miss The murderer you have become
Hush a while my little baby Can’t you hear the angels sing? The path to home is filled with dark But songs will light the way Songs of memories, songs of future Songs of things we’ll never see Songs for a tiny child In a lowly bed Chr Sleep well my dear child Sleep well, and rest your head Let dreams of joy be given And comfort in your bed Let your sleep be undisturbed Let nightmares go elsewhere Let your head be untroubled Whilst the music plays Tunes of men who search for jewels Tunes of men we’ll never know Tunes all for a tiny child In my own embrace Chr


My second album, with more guitar instrumentals and other stuff!

Overall, this is an album which shows plenty of promise and good old-fashioned Yorkshire heart - Lucy Houlden, Bright Young Folk

All songs arranged by Patrick Rose.
Thanks: My family. Katie for the album layout. Guy for the pictures. All those in the Sheffield Folk Scene, who keep being nice to me for no real reason. Fay, Martin, Jess and Anne for their permission to record songs I've learned from them.


released November 1, 2012

Guitar/Voice: Patrick Rose
Artwork: Katie Green
Photography: Guy J Brown (www.guyjbrown.com)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Patrick Rose Sheffield, UK

Patrick Rose does folk style acoustic music in between learning about Computer Science and Maths, and occasionally running How To Play

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